March 21. 2018 Can a Successful Innovator Put a Crimp in Breathe Right's Style? By Grant Grayson

(Salt Lake City, UT)   A new adhesive re-activator extends the life of Glaxo Smith Klein's popular Breathe Right nose strips 5 or more times!


The risk for any company with a hot product is that someone can come along with something better or — worse — a modification that cuts sales.


Enter Steven DeVore, whose Orem, Utah-based SyberVision Systems, will roll out an adhesive activator designed to extend the life of those across-the-nose Band- Aid-like strips that have been popularized by professional athletes and has, over the past 20 years, gained acceptance in the world-wide mass market as an aid to improve breathing.


Re-Use Breathe Right Strip 5 Times Instead of Once

When DeVore's Breathe Adhese nasal strip adhesive activator hits retail shelves in 2Q 2018 it will sell for $19.95. One .5 oz. bottle with applicator brush will service 250 nasal strips. Each strip can be re-used 5 or more times with a  savings to the frequent nasal strip user of up to $125.


Helps You Breathe Better to Sleep Better. But at What Cost?

Breathe Right and other nasal strips work by instantly lifting nasal passages and opening the nose to help people breathe better so they can sleep better.


Within each nasal strip are two flexible, "spring-like" bands. As the strip adheres to the nose through a medical grade acrylic adhesive the bands gently lift the sides of the nose and open the nasal passages, providing immediate and continual congestion relief.


Breathe Right strips are produced by London-based pharmaceutical and consumer goods giant Glaxo Smith Klein (GSK).  In 2006, Breathe Right was purchased by GSK from CNS, Inc for $566 million.


GSK's 2015  Breathe Right sales are estimated to be $200 million.


Designed to Be Worn Only Once. Money Down the Drain
Breathe Right strips cost between 30 cents and 50 cents apiece, and can only be worn once — or at least they could be only worn once before DeVore came along.


Among the Breathe Right risks cited by stock analysts who follow GSK is the need for repeat sales. No where do they say anything about the possibility of a product cutting into sales, by making it possible to reuse the strips.


Didn't Like Spending $30 a Month. Had to be a Better Way

But DeVore, who founded SyberVision Systems with cumulative sales nearing $500 million, says he stumbled on the strip-adhesion idea because he didn't like spending $30 a month to support his twice-a-day Breathe Right habit.


Skin Moisturizer Re-Activate the Adhesive on the Strip

He used them twice a day — while he slept and jogged. So he consulted a medical adhesive expert who researched the Breathe Right 3M adhesive and came up with a skin moisturizer and conditioner that re-activated the adhesive on a used nasal strip so it could be re-used  five or more times.  DeVore dubbed his invention Breathe Adhese TM.


After the initial use the Breathe Right strip,  Breathe Adhese is applied with a dapper to the nose. It takes a few seconds for the activator to dry after which the strip is re-applied to the nose.


Introduced in January 2018

SyberVision began marketing Breathe Adhese on the Internet at www.Breathe in January 2018 and says it should begin showing up on store shelves fourth quarter 2018.


Breathe Adhese will share retail shelf space next to nasal strip brands so the frequent nasal strip consumer can compare the cost and benefits of using the adhesive activator versus purchasing expensive nasal strips for one-time use and disposal.


One $20 Bottle of Breathe Adhese Activates 250 Strips with $125 Savings

DeVore will retail a .5 oz. Breathe Adhese bottle with applicator for $19.95.  He says it can be used to extend the life of 250 strips and save the Breathe Right consumer as much as a $125.


The obvious question is whether Breathe Adhese will have any impact on GSK's  Breathe Right sales and growth.


"A 50 Cent Breathe Right Stirip is Now a 5 Cent Strip"
A GSK insider, says it won't. "It'll be interesting to see how many people want to put glue on their nose to adhere a strip," he says.


 DeVore counters, "We don't put glue on the nose. We looked at the main ingredients in skin moisturizers and conditioners and discovered that some actually brought the adhesive on a used nasal strip back to life. So Breathe Adhese not only activates the adhesive on a used strip, it moisturizes, conditions and protects the skin on the nose.


"And, because a single nasal strip can be re-used on average 5 or more times," DeVore continues, "what was once a 50 cent strip is now a 5 cent strip for the frequent nasal strip user."


 The GSK insider adds, "We see it as a compliment to us that he has come out with a product that complements Breathe Right strips."